Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fast Food Challenge

Very much like how I feel about junk food, I am ambivalent towards fast food. Many parents could empathize. Most fast-food fares are over-processed, over-seasoned, over-done, hyper-packaged, highly-glamorized, romanticized, cartoonized, and infinitely advertised junk that doesn't look nor taste anything like real food. And yet, there you are, you mall-rat you, lining-up on a Saturday afternoon, jostling elbows with other lucky zombies who got ahead of you, impatiently waiting for your turn behind that counter, to part with your hard-earned money just to have a taste of that newest, juciest, junk in town.

I kick myself in the *%$* sometimes. But then, there are days when you mentally find yourself thanking the heavens for fastfood. These are days when even the inner-Martha Stewart in you balks at the thought of marketing,cooking, dishwashing...... The business of fast food is not food. It's time and convenience. And on some days, you are their happiest customer.

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