Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Musings

I have been too busy to make any new posts lately. United Nation's Week came just right after the second grading. My pocket took a beating from all the costumes and incidental expenses for the parade, photgraphs, snacks for practices, etc.

To make matters a little too exciting for comfort, there were just too many deadlines to beat at work. Whew! I don't know how other moms manage....and to think I only have one kid. If you thought you had it good when your toddler finally grows up and your diaper and Gerber days are gone, well, you have another thought coming. School age kids will present you with another set of woes and worries that will guarantee to hasten hypertension, white hair and wrinkles on your forehead.

Like any other garden variety lunatic mom, I tell my son not to marry yet because...well because he's too young and I'm too young to be a mother of the groom. Plus of course he can't dress himself properly yet without me barking instructions and yelling threats of doom if he forgets to zip his pants one more time.

Like any other garden variety lunatic mom, I'm actually laying a pathway to use in the future for more serious talks about girls and romance and relationships. My son has crushes and imaginary girlfriends, but he has not yet crossed that line. Meaning, he still loves it when I kiss him and pretend he's still my baby. He enjoys it when we cuddle in the morning and I call him my lil' sweetie pie or something, and he walks around naked in the house and discusses with people how he is not yet circumcised.

My son is still my baby boy...but I'm already counting the days when he crosses that line...hopefully I'll be just about ready to cross it with him too.

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